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Farewell, Pat Conroy

I had been reading Pat Conroy's cookbook, The Pat Conroy Cookbook: Recipes and Stories of My Life, when our telephone rang. Pat's sister-in-law, Terrye, was on the line with a request (actually, bestowing an honor) from the Conroy family for me to cater Pat's funeral reception at the Yacht Club on Tuesday afternoon. It seemed like fate or even a serendipity, that I had Pat's cookbook on my desk with a folded down corner marking Chapter 15, “Why Dying Down South Is More Fun.” Pat had already planned the menu for me. The way I show people that I care about them is through food. So, four of Pat's quotes from Chapter 15 really hit home. “Cooking ...

Feeding Pat Conroy

 When Vince and I were dating, he used to love to tell me all about Beaufort. One of Beaufort's claims to fame (that he repeated way more than once) was that The Great Santini had been filmed here. “You know, from Pat Conroy's book. He's Conrack. He's the guy who wrote The Lords of Discipline.” After we were married, screening our VHS copy of The Great Santini was one of our favorite things to do with guests who had never visited Beaufort before. We'd all watch the movie and then Vince and I would take everyone downtown and show them the sites they had just seen on our television. Pat Conroy was our local star and we were mighty proud of him!Al...

Pat Conroy’s 70th Birthday Celebration with “The Great Santini” actor Michael O’Keefe

Pat Conroy’s 70th Birthday Celebration with artist Jonathan Green

Celebrate Everything! with Pat Conroy

Celebrating the Beaufort International Film Festival with award-winning author Pat Conroy, Pat's wife author Cassandra King and Lowcountry Weekly editor Margaret Shinn Evans at a reception for Andie MacDowell and Pat Conroy on Friday, February 13, 2015 at the Cuthbert House Inn. Pat told me that he read Celebrate Everything! from cover to cover and that he's going to make some of my recipes. How fun is that?! After all of the books that he's signed for me, it was a thrill to sign one for him. What a nice guy! Photography by Mark Shaffer.