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Pat Conroy Literary Center’s Cookbook Authors Panel – October 2017

Cookbook authors panel discussion at USC-Beaufort with Debbi Covington, Matt and Ted Lee, Sallie Ann Robinson and Nathalie DuPree.

DHEC Inspection – September 2017

T.I.N. Favorites – 2017 Winner

Women in Business – August 2017

Sewanee College Students Celebrate Everything!

Sewanee College students have returned home with copies of Celebrate Everything! by Debbi Covington after a few busy weeks of study with some of our local Beaufort, SC historians.  

Catered to Perfection – by Mark Shaffer

Catered to Perfection: Beaufort's Best Caterer Celebrates Two Decades - by Mark Shaffer  In my nine-plus years as part of the Lowcountry Weekly family I've shared more than a few culinary adventures with Debbi Covington. Beaufort's best caterer has lent her exceptional palate, eye for detail and considerable wit to many a Moveable Feast and Burger Beat. And she's always game for another, which makes my job easier. Over the years I've come to know some things about my colleague and friend. She is fiercely loyal and naturally driven. She probably would not call herself an artist, but look at her last cookbook and tell me otherwise. She loves her ...

It Takes a Chicken

I had the most fun with my last blog! Thank you, for emailing, calling and stopping me in the grocery store to reminisce about fatback, streak o'lean and souse meat. More often than not, in these Eastern North Carolina foodie conversations, the one thing I heard over and over again was, “You know what I really miss? Chicken and Dumplings. I never learned how to make them like my grandmother used to.” Well, it started me thinking. When I was growing up, Mama used to make homemade pastry for her chicken and dumplings. She rolled out the dough and cut it into long wide strips. I remember flour being all over the kitchen counter. I'm sure that I've ...

Celebrating Southern Drawls, Southern Food and Southern Susan

When I remember Susan Shaffer, her very southern accent is the first thing that comes to mind. It always makes me smile. Twangy drawls were one of the things that Susan and I had in common. After twenty-five years of living in the Lowcountry, I've been able to tone my eastern North Carolina articulation down a good bit. Susan's cadence was a constant. Her words were always spoken slowly, softly and honestly. I miss my friend. With Susan on my mind, I'd like to share a few very southern recipes. This week's offerings are from a food photo shoot taken at my home a couple of years ago. Susan's husband, Mark, was the photographer, and Susan joined him at ...

Happy Endings

What a fun time of year to be in the kitchen! I love preparing all of the savory goodies and sweet treats that I grew up with at Christmastime. This is the time of year for sausage balls, cheese straws, baby fruitcakes and yule logs. I've been feeling inspired to try some new sweets recipes. With a holiday party at our house on Saturday night, this week was the perfect time to experiment. All of the goodies in this issue are yummy and very easy to whip up. They'd be fun and simple to make with children who like to play in the kitchen. While I'll be serving them as cocktail party desserts, they would also be excellent gifts for friends, neighbors and ...

Summertime Fare

Today is Thursday and my column was due on Tuesday. With all of the Water Festival revelry this week, I'm having a tough time actually getting anything accomplished. Still, we do have to eat, don't we? The big question at our house lately is, “what do you want for supper?” I could eat pizza or tacos almost every night. But, out of devout love for my husband, I've been trying to feed us a semi-healthy meal, at least once a day. The temperature is crazy-Lowcountry-hot these days, but the grill is still my favorite summer kitchen. It must be in my genes. My brother, Ray Jr., and my Daddy, Ray Sr., used to grill chicken in the heat of the summer. ...